Thursday, April 4, 2013

Soap & Glory Lip Plumper VS P2 Lip Plumper

Lip plumper are a tricky subject, there are way too many that sting a lot and don’t increase the lips volume. I had bad experiences, too, but thought I could give it another try and bought 2 Lip Plumpers, one cheap and one expensive, Soap & Glory’s Sexy Motherpucker Plumping Lipgloss (seriously I can’t make out the name on the package, there are hundreds of names), which was about 10 € and P2’s Push Up Your lips Lip Serum which was about 2 €, both are 10 ml.
Ok I know most people like the packaging from Soap & Glory, and I did, too, but after looking at this for some time it’s just annoying. So many words, and even words that don’t exist wth. The P2 design on the other hand is clear and nice, I like the pastel pink with black.
Now to show the effect I originally planned to show a before and after pic but then I realized that there is not much difference with BOTH. The P2 Lip Serum does absolutely nothing, maybe it’s me?? It doesn’t even sting or tickle on my lips! Just leaves a pale white layer on my lips. The Soap & Glory Lip Plumper on the other hand tickles very lightly and it does somehow increase the lips’ volume a bit, I guess? But it’s honestly not that visible. It also has a glossy finish, so that’s kinda nice.
Both are not worth the money I think, even though I will keep using the Soap & Glory one for the minimum volume boost it gives me because it also smells nice haha But I won’t buy any of those 2 again!


  1. Ih würde den von Soap & Glory ja einfach nur kaufen weil ich die Marke so liebe xD

    1. eigentlich mag ich die marke auch aber die übertreiben etwas auf ihren verpackungen haha


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