Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Back once more

So I haven’t posted in a whole year (well almost) and the reason for this is simple. I didn’t see the point in just another beauty blog and furthermore realized that blogging might not be my cup of tea. So I kept on posting things but only on my Instagram and mainly pictures. Also I didn’t really buy that much after financially practically crashing down from having lots of money and having almost nothing (+debt). I tell you this blog is like a reminder of my small shopping addiction and this is the reason why I won’t be deleting anything. I hope this can be a warning to other girls and boys and bloggers (a whole different gender haha). Keep your shopping to more necessary stuff and save up so you than have some money to spend on fun things but don’t go overboard with it.

Enough of my moral preaching here now though, the main reason I came back here is because it seems like I still have a decent amount of page views here daily and I will continue this blog in a different manner. Maybe more personally, maybe less make up and stuff, I don’t know yet.

The only thing I do know is, that I want to share my second experience in china! I have been to china from summer 2012 to February 2013, it was the most wonderful experience, half a year was to short. Back then I first came with my boyfriend to visit his family in Nanjing and experience china for a month until I started studying Chinese as a foreign exchange student at the Nanjing University 南京大学. After a fascinating month experiencing real Chinese family life and traveling to Lijiang (Yunnan), I had a great semester of Chinese classes, making new Chinese and international friends and  learning more about Chinese culture.

Now I am back for a month in Nanjing, and also a trip to Shanghai to attend the Simply Kpop concert! We landed here on Friday last week and it has been a great trip (although it feels more like coming home). The first weekend even my sister came to visit with here Chinese husband so I could show her my city (after her showing me her city Shenzhen last year). I will end this post with a couple of pictures, will post more about an upcoming modeling adventure and lots of Chinese food pictures.

Flight over China

Candid picture shot with bf's galaxy gear

Our dinner, Lufthansa serves good meals (Toblerone was a nice surprise)
Me wearing a tipical chinese sweater

Welcome-home dinner prepared by bf's parents

At 外婆家 (grandma's home), relatives took us out for dinner

Super favourite, a hot dog from "Lollidogs"
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