Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Catrice BB Allround Foundation

Again my beloved drugstore make up. The Catrice BB creme has been around since last year, it costs 5 € and is advertised with a 6 in 1 effect: balancing- correcting; protecting- illuminating; covering- moisturizing;
I’ll tell you right away that I don’t find it illuminating or balancing or protecting and correcting and covering is the same to me. So about 2 effects + SPF 30. I got the 010 Light beige of course, as there are only 2 shades, one light and one more on the medium side.
The consistency is a typical foundation fluid, maybe not as runny as others, pretty easy to apply BUT for me a bit hard to find the right dosage because you actually don’t need that much for it to have good coverage.
Blending is pretty easy and it fits my skin color perfectly (for reference I am a MAC NW15). The undertones are pretty neutral to rosy!
Here the ultimate comparison (and first time showing my face without make up, though it’s not that special):

You can see clearly how it improves all imperfections on my skin leaving a very slightglowy finish (it’s still pretty matte though so no reason to call it illuminating). Now the make up is pretty long lasting, it doesn’t just disappear after a couple of hours. It feels a little bit heavier than other Catrice Foundations in my opinion but it’s still a good feeling. This is one of the few foundations that doesn’t look horrible in the evening after long hours of wear! Currently it’s a real tough competition for my Diorskin Nude BB creme, the Catrice BB creme actually has more coverage while the Dior one feels better on my skin and is not as thick…. Last a pic of me wearing the Catrice BB creme and Powder (Clinique almost make up) and full make up:

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