Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Perfume: Gale Hayman Delicious Cotton Candy

My love for cotton candy smelling perfume never ends. I am actually pretty happy withAquolina’s Pink Sugar, though it has a strong burnt sugar scent to it so I wanted to find a lighter and sweeter fragrance. This one here is of Gale Hayman’s “Delicious” line, which also features a chocolaty fragrance that I didn’t get yet. Anyways this cost me about 30 $, a bit much but at least it’s 100 ml (don’t get me wrong I would pay 100 € for 30 ml if it was a high end perfume or something rare but this is nothing special so I am a bit greedy):
Packaging is fun, pretty with it’s pink tones but nothing extra special. The flacon is actually very very cute I think:
A jaguar on top of the flacon! Or is it a puma? Anyways I like that it’s tacky! The smell though….is almost exactly like Aquolina Pink Sugar. It’s honestly the same with the caramel and burnt sugar notes but it’s not as longlasting as Pink Sugar and there is less sweet caramel in it, at least on me. It’s not worth the money I think (especially since I had to search really hard for it on the internet).


  1. richtig tolles parfum.
    und wundervoller blog sowieso schon lange! <3

    1. vielen dank!! und ja an sich mag ich es, aber habe ja schon aquolina pink sugar also wars nicht wirklich nötig haha (aber welche meiner einkäufe sind schon nötig?)

  2. Replies
    1. thanks for commenting, it really is!!

  3. that's my favorite perfume
    I spent more than 4 pots
    I regret to tell you cheated
    I also fell for the scam because the box is almost the same but when I saw the panther and felt the smell remains in shock
    is false false
    the real has a kitten and smells delicious
    I leave the amazon link if you're interested


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