Tuesday, April 16, 2013

MeMeMe Little Angels Collection

I love my Benefit Cheek & Lip Tint “Benetint”, but I think that the price is a little much, so I was searching for an alternative and found MeMeMe Cheek & Lip Tintsand bought a whole set for just 20 €! The set not only includes a Benetint-like tint but also 2 highlighter and a rosy tint, each 12 ml!
The Cherub’s Blush tint looks just like Benetint!
Beat the Blues Oyster Gold is a gold shimmering highlighter.
Beat the Blues Pearl Pink is a white shimmering highlighter.
Cupid’s Kiss is a rosy pink tint.
First of I have to say that the tint’s brush is just sub-par quality! It’s not soft but very hard plastic and therefore more difficult to apply very unlike the Benetint brush!
I’ll have to say that the Cherub’s Blush is nowhere near as good as the Benetint, I’ll have to post a comparison pic for that soon! It’s honestly more difficult to blend and apply and doesn’t set well because it dries too fast. The highlighters are not really visible on me and the only thing left is the Cupid’s Kiss, which I love color-wise but the texture is horrible. It’s thicker than the other tints and doesn’t set at all, which gives you time to blend but I had to wait very long for it to dry. I’m not satisfied even though it was not expensive, I expected more of it! Definitely a pretty collection but definitely useless to me.


  1. Aw it does look pretty- would be even better if you liked it. Hope you find a better one!

    1. thanks for the comment, yeah I already like my benetint more :3

  2. they changed all the names...how come? these are old products, they used to have different names

    1. I think they renamed them because it's a special set! you know, little angels, so that there is a cherub an cupid lol


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