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China in Pictures (Shanghai-Traditional Wedding-Cat Café )

This post will be mostly picture heavy, I came back from china two weeks ago and not a day passes that I don't want to go back. It was an amazing experience AGAIN. Though I now that my positive association with china mostly comes from the fact that whenever I'm there I am basically on holiday and forgetting all my usual problems and duties and so on. I just enjoy life when I'm there! I actually went to the Simply Kpop Concert in Shanghai on the 23.3 but the pictures didn't turn out that great (damn you gdragon for moving too much lol).

one of my favorite dishes! sweet and sour fish

this is a great dessert in china, shaved ice is the translation

This inflatable gate was prepared by the whole town for the bride and groom

bride is being carried by her brother to the car, then it will take her to the city where she will live after the marriage and back to the village for ongoing celebration, complicated I know

everywhere in china are these work out parks, they are actually quite fun!

food in the small village is actually very good

more food!!

Yeah I ate balut, I won't debate the ethics, let's just say it was a traditional wedding and I was very polite haha

I loved this little café in Shanghai called Tap-Café, they make 3D kitties with milk fluff *.*

So pretty

Me and bf at oriental pearl

Our hotel room

Hot pot :D


On the last day in Nanjing we went to a cat-café, 20 kitties that you can pet while drinking your coffee, children not allowed haha 

China (March)

So today was my first time modeling. How I came to do that? Well actually if you are a European girl, especially Russian, people often will come to you asking you either to model, take part in a tv show, (be someone's girlfriend or wife lol) or stuff like that. So during my half year stay back in 2012/2013 I was offered this opportunities multiple times. But I never got to do any of them because my boyfriends father forbid it (or let's say he didn't want me to attend and told me it was dangerous...).
So this time around I wasn't expecting anything in terms of being able to try out modeling. But my bfs uncle works at some fashion brand and when we went there I was casually asked if I'd like to try out modeling for their monthly fashion magazine, and because it had to do with family member I could actually do it.
So today I just met at a huge shopping store with the photographers and other people picking out clothes and organizing it, they immediately got me to the make up section and wanted to add a little bit make up although I was already wearing some haha (they wanted more....).

Finally a professional doing my make-up

So my make up was done by a (I might say) semi-professional, maybe she even does it professionally but she seemed more like a make-up-shopgirl to me. Anyways they only used Chanel, originally it should have been done at the shiseido section but I didn't care.

I actually quite liked it, the style was supposed to be "甜美“(sweet). Then they went to pick out my clothes, though I was a bit worried from the start because I actually have gained some weight... But they actually picked out great stuff that all fit me nicely.

This outfit was pretty unusual for me

But I loved the make-up in the end!

I found the style very unusual for me to wear, I never wear stuff that could actually be fashionable, my style is kind of old school. There were 3 different outfits with shoes. The second one was a long skirt with a blouse and sweater, the third a dress with a jacket. I will get the pictures once they are printed!

Apart from that I finally met up with friends that are still living and studying in Nanjing, it was nice seeing them after a whole year!

Me and Anna at Haidilao

/EDIT: Because this post was written (but somehow not postet) about three weeks ago I already have the final picture they used of me modeling. I have to say they altered a lot with he help of photoshop haha 

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