Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Body Fantasies Body Sprays

I have a weak spot for body sprays and splashes, I already owned a lot but only recently did I discover the best ones. Body Fantasies makes some of the best smelling and long lasting Body Sprays I ever got! I am very happy with my buys and payed about 20 € for both. As they are about 200 ml each it is a really nice price:
The Body Fantasies Cotton Candy Body Spray smells like cotton candy at first but after setting my bf pointed out it smelled more like some kind of tasty grape soda, which I do like. I have never found a really authentic cotton candy smell anyway so I am happy with this at least. It stays with for two hours! Maybe a bit longer if I layer it with cotton candy smelling EDP.
The Sexiest Fantasies Va Va Voom! is more of a dark, heavy and musky smell. It is very strong and has the ultimate lasting power of a whole day. The scent starts of very strong at first but settles for a more sensual and sexy rum & chocolate fragrance. I like it a lot, though it is very unlike me!

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  1. Cotton Candy is my fav ,,and my husband loves it too . I'm just having a hard time finding it here in Nova Scotia ! Do you know any stores off hand that sell Body fantisies ? Thanks, Patty


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