Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review: Skin79 Diamond Collection Star Glow Ball Powder

Only recently did my interest for highlighters begin to grow. Before I have never used any but now I would like to sometimes highlight my cheeks a bit to have an extra glow. I ordered a highlighter that I’ve seen before when buying korean make-up, the Skin79 Star Glow Ball Powder! I bought it from rubyruby76 on ebay for 14 $ (shipping included).
Well I was kinda surprised that there were so many green shimmering balls, I would like more pink/rosé colored ones. But that shouldn’t matter for the application right? It came with a little powder-puff but again I rather use my brushes to apply it.
As you can see it is pretty much white, only some green particles and for my taste it is not even glittery enough. I know some people like to have a toned down highlighter but for the occasion that I actually apply highlighter I want the whole shab bang. So for application I just lightly brushed over the powder and than applied it like I would do with a rouge.
Now let’s see how it looks on my face!
Well ehhmm I had to use flash so that at least a little bit was visible but I am disappointed! The highlighter is so weak… maybe others’ might like it but for me it’s definitely not enough glow, even if I cake on some more….Too bad! But this gives me the opportunity to look for a new one haha


  1. i had this ages ago when i used mineral foundations so that my face wont look flat. it gave me that "ghostly white" glow on my cheeks.

    1. yeah it's strange. not what I expected or hoped for!

  2. This product isn't a highlighter, it's a luminous finishing powder. The coloured balls do different jobs, green = diminishes redness, violet = counteracts dullness, gold = gives a touch of radiance to the face, white = brightens skin tone, pink = refreshes the complexion. It's pretty much a dupe for the Guerlain Meterorites Perles illuminating powder.


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