Monday, April 15, 2013

Sleek Make Up Blush

I only recently discovered the brand Sleek, they have a great selection for everything and very reasonable prices! I got this Sleek Make Up Blush in Rose Gold for only 5 € on shades of pink. I love pink and gold as a combination:
The packaging is actually of really good quality, a classy black case with an included mirror! The clasp is very firm, which I like, because lose cases usually open…inside my bag…Right from the start I was totally in awe because the color is so nice and shimmery with gold, exactly how I wanted it!
I never expected such a cheap blush to be so highly pigmented! It’s wonderful, you don’t even need much for the application, I just brush over lightly with a blush brush and that’s it! It’s probably the best blush I ever used…
Here you can see the gold shimmer better, I applied it generously but only needed little product! I will definitely try out the other Sleek blushes as well, you just can’t beat it at that price and THAT performance! Love love love!


  1. Rosé Gold ist definitiv einer meiner Lieblingsrouges <3
    Im Winter wird er oft vernachlässigt aber im Sommer bei Sonnenschein trage ich ihn fast täglich

    1. vielen dank für den kommentar! im sommer glitzert der ja auch so verdammt schön auf den wangen *.*


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