Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Haul Kosmetik4less

And again a haul, this time beauty stuff galore from kosmetik4less (a german cosmetics site), some of which I might review later (some right away). All together I paid around 35 €!
The most important piece, which was about 12 €, is the Girlfriend! Microfiber Hair Turban. I have long hair and always let my hair dry in a towel before blow-drying, but the towels usually fall from my head and it’s a little bit annoying. So I got this turban which you can close by button so it stays put. Furthermore it says it speeds up drying time! Let’s see about that.
The Cotton Candy Hand and Body Cream inside a silver howl. Very cute but doesn’t smell like cotton candy at all. It’s a nice piece of decoration but a waste of money for me…
Then the Anatomicals Never Fake Strawberry Milkshake Lip Gloss, smells sweet but nothing like strawberry milk shake. It’s a sheer gloss but feels nice on my lips, still not really worth 5 € in my opinion because it’s just nothing special.
Next the Ardell Lash Applicator, was pretty inexpensive for about 2 €, haven’t tried it out yet but it’s supposed to help the application of false eyelashes when placing them on the lids.
2 pairs of false eyelashes, just for fun and trying them out, one pair is extra short but full and kinda feathery, the other one is a generic false eyelash style, both from Red Cherryand about 3 €.
And last a cute solid perfume “Shanghai Rose”, which smells a little bit citrusy and quite fresh. I think this is a cute thing to have in my bag!
(Not pictured is a lash glue from duo)
I should really stop buying stuff…Now I just enjoy what I have haha (even I don’t believe that…) No but seriously there are things like mascara that I actually don’t plan on buying because I have about 30 different ones…self-control is not easy though.

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