Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sleek & Barry M Haul

I already reviewed the Sleek Make Up Blush here! But I also bought other Sleek and Barry M products on shades of pink online!
I have a Sleek New Skin Revive Tester Kit in light shades, 4 €
Barry M - Lip Paint Nr. 101 Marshmallow, about 5 €
Barry M Lipgloss - Nr.12 Strawberry Milkshake, about 5 €
Barry M Mascara in Electric Purple, 5 €
The Sleek Make Up Blush in Rose Gold, 5 €
Sleek Dip EyeLiner in Pink, 5 €
I haven’t tried everything but I can already say that the mascara is good for nothing, you can’t even see the purple color! I made pictures but it looked black. Very dissapointed about that. 
The tester kit for the Sleek Foundation revealed the following:
So there are altogether 5 light shades: Linen, Oyster, Oatmeal, White Rose and Shell! I already new that Linen would be too light but I wasn’t sure whether Oatmeal or Oyster suited my skin better, so I got the tester kit! The great thing is that the small tubes can be reused, very cute idea. So you don’t have to use everything all up once you opened the tube!
Linen is pale white with a very slight yellow undertone, Oyster is more pink than I expected and Oatmeal pretty much neutral in it’s undertones and therefor fits my skin best. White Rose is too rosy of course and Shell has too many yellow undertones! I have to say I tried all of them on my face and they all have the ability to blend in with my skin tone BUT Linen has a horrible texture in comparison to the other ones. I’m still not sure whether to get the foundation at all because I already have so many and this one is not particularly good at covering….(currently using Diorskin Nude and Shiseido Maquillage!).


  1. Oh such nice products! Lovely post!

  2. Hätte gerne einen swatch von dem Lippenstift...hab nämlich noch immer nicht den ultimativen ^^

    Liebste Grüße

    1. da wird es noch einen extra post dazu geben :) er ist wirklich sehr nude-like, mal was neues für mich!

  3. Love the idea of that tester kit to try the different shades of foundation, nice haul!

    1. thank you! and yes, in time of doubt you should always get a tester kit ;)

  4. Tolle Sachen sind da mit dabei :). Der Lippenstift sieht total hübsch aus <3

    1. vielen dank für den kommentar :) und ja der is super in kombination mit dem blassen lipgloss für nen tollen nude effekt!


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