Saturday, April 20, 2013

MAC Paint Pots

From a Douglas Haul some time ago I got this wonderful little thing: the MAC Paint Pot in Painterly! It cost me 20 € for 5 g and at first I was skeptical about paying such a high sum of money for a mere eyeshadow that is actually my skin color. But it is actually more!
It is also an eyeshadow base, and a damn good one at that! It has a creamy texture that melts perfectly on my skin, doesn’t feel too heavy but it lasts so so long! I sometimes just use it bare as an eyeshadow for very natural looks to make my eyes pop and look more awake! Here’s a comparison pic:
Needless to say that it makes eyeshadows of all kind more intense and long-lasting. But I really really like the bare eyeshadow, too, how smooth it looks on my lid and everything AND it is totally non-creasing. Too me the difference is big because I like a matt finish that makes my eyes look fresh! A very good investment!


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