Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review: P2 Perfect Face BB creme

Because I was so happy with my Catrice BB creme ( read here ) I thought I’d give another drugstore BB creme a try (usually I use my Shiseido one or Dior right now). I bought the P2 Perfect Face Beauty Balm for 5 € for 30 ml! There are 2 shades, light and dark, I bought 010 light.
I have to say that the tube is really small in my opinion. And that is strange because the Catrice BB creme is 30 ml, TOO, but it appears to be more because of the long tube and here it’s such a stub…whatever (it will probably be more difficult once the BB creme is almost empty to get the rest out). 
This BB creme has SPF 15, not too high but very common for BB cremes. I never believe advertising like “24h moisturizing”, that’s just impossible. More important for me is whether the coverage is ok and whether it’s good for my skin. 
Here’s a swatch with flash:
It’s kinda very dark for a 010 Light. And orangey. I was able to blend it in but still i am kinda appalled that they couldn’t just create a truly light shade! That can’t be so hard! Ok here’s the most important, the wearing pic:
I look strange on those pics…maybe because of the flash? Anyways, the finish and coverage remind me very much of the Catrice BB creme (both pretty good), it looks ok blended in and not too dark in my opinion. The downside is that it seems to be of a thicker consistency than the Catrice one and so wearability is not that great, I feel a little bit caked on though I only have the BB creme on! It’s ok for the price but I’d still go with Catrice here than p2.


  1. so dark! it looks just like the old maybelline foundations(they never had pale shades in germany)

    1. they still often don't. at least not super pale, people still have to buy illlamasqua for that lol


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