Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review: Skink79 BB creams

Today I’ll make a small comparison of the skin79 BB creams that I have! I bought a set of small tubes a long time ago to find out which is the best of all!
From left to right:
Super BB creme Triple Functions
The Oriental BB Cream
Diamond Collection Pearl BB Cream
Super BB creme Gold
Diamond Collection The Prestige BB Cream
All of them have SPF 25, have wrinkle improvement and are whitening! The biggest difference are the shades! You’ll see it here in the swatch:
From the first look it is clear that the Pearl BB cream is the lightest! The pink Triple Functions and Gold are the same, both pretty dark in comparison and Oriental and Prestige are about the same, with Prestige being just a little bit lighter.
The coverage from the pink Triple Functions is just as good as the others, except for Pearl, which doesn’t cover anything for me AT ALL. Pearl is mostly illuminating and has lots of glitter particles. It’s honestly only for a special look, or if your skin is super perfect and you just want an extra glow and shine.
I have to say that because of the shade the Oriental and Prestige are my favorites. The Oriental is actually lighter on my skin because it has stronger whitening features! The Prestige seem to darken a bit after application, but not that much.
Gold and Triple Functions are basically the same to me, pretty good BB creams but the shade is not perfect on me and my skin gets really greasy after 2-3 hours of wear…but no breakouts! It’s always a good idea to buy small samples of as many BB creams as possible to find a perfect one! Even though I love the Oriental most, I don’t see me loving it as much as Diroskin Nude because it feels a bit heavier (nothing is as light as Diroskin Nude).


  1. Amazing post! I love SKIN 79 BB Creams but they do not sell them in the UK so I get them shipped out from Korea :) I love the super+ BB creams in VIP Gold, Orange and Pink x

    1. thank you :) I never tried the orange one, might give it a shot, I really love skin79! I always have to buy online because they are not sold in germany either...

  2. i still love the pink one. it covers the pores on my nose so well

    1. yeah I know :) but the shade is a little off I think!

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