Friday, April 5, 2013

Aquolina Icing Sugar Body Milk

I have way too much body milk that I won’t be able to use up, but this was a must buy for me, even if with 10 € for 250 ml it’s a bit of a luxury (when it comes to body milk):Aquolina Icing Sugar Body Milk.
This body milk has one of the sweetest bestest scents ever!! It really smells like icing sugar (Puderzucker in German, I like that term better). It is very realistic and only with a hint of the typical body milk smell, but here it fits the sweet and sugary and somehow milky fragrance. It moisturizes my skin while smelling super yummy (maybe too yummy, I’m smelling my skin non stop right now…). And it stays for at least 2 hours like that on my skin, which many body milks can't keep up! I love Aquolina as a brand and will definitely buy more of their products! Next on the list is the perfum Sugar Sparks (I got a code for the value of 10 € with my last purchase ON HERE). And I “need” either shower gel or body milk that smells like Chocolate….

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