Monday, January 18, 2016

Review: Lime Crime Venus Palette

I wanted to blog about this for a while, but now I finally came around to actually use the palette that I am going to review here.
Lime Crime has a kind of mixed reputation but my post will not be about the drama and stuff but simply about the product. I own exactly 2 Lime Crime products as of now, not sure if I will buy more though, not because of the performance but because of all the drama....
Anyway I ordered 2 items, the Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid Lipstick in "Faded" for 15$ and the Venus Eyeshadow Palette for 19$. I ordered both of them over dollskill on black friday, hence the cheap price!
I will first only review the palette but here are both products pictured:

I have to admit that Lime Crime get an A+ when it comes to the overall design and packaging of their products. They look classy yet still playful! Also I have been wanting to at least get my hands on the velvetine lipsticks for all their hype but because the Venus Palette was on sale, too, I just ended up impulse buying it....

 The Venus pictured looks just like Doe Deere hehe... Well I love the idea and design behind this and the concept, too, which defines the colours as very warm and autumn like.

As you can see there is a total of 8 different eyeshadows, ranging from an illuminating eggshell white to a cool dark chocolate brown. I like the prevalence of red-ish toned colours, because they can look very cool as part of an eye-makeup. Still the palette seems to be very warm-toned.

The swatch shows a great pigmentation (I used Mac Studio Fix fluid as a base as I always do) and very vibrant colors overall, except maybe for aura, which seems to be not as pigmented. But after having used it for a simple eye-makeup I have to disagree with this swatch - cause aura is actually very well pigmented, too!

My super simple Eye-Makeup needed the colours shell and aura as base, venus and creation to darken the look. I used some of venus as a way to line my under-eye softly. I actually like this look very much, as always it's not very over the top but that is exactly how I'd wear it out in public! I used Mac's painterly paint pot as a base and the eyeshadow stayed on the whole day in it's vibrant way. Here is the look as a whole:

I know that the eye-makeup is not super visible in selfies like these, but the point is to show how the overall look works for me. And selfies are a great way to try that out... 
My general impression of the Venus Palette is very positive and I found it to be a great palette for that price! Of course that was a special offer so I don't know if I would have bought it for the original one... 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

You'll be shocked, for some of the shots in this post I whipped out my Canon 600D camera....
Anyways  about the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, I wanted to review this popular eyeshadow palette for quite some time, everybody and their mom has it but still, I want to share my thoughts and why a whopping 48€ were well spent in my opinion.
So here it is:

As you can clearly see, the packaging is quite classy and elegant. From the many Naked palettes that Urban Decay released this one spoke the most to me because of the mix of rosy and nude shades and it being the one with the warmest undertones out of all, which I find flattering on myself. It's actually said, that people with rosy undertones in their skin have to stay away from this one, but at the same time many say that it's great for anyone green-eyed ... I don't care I just like those shades the most!
Here is my swatch:

Sorry for the blur between the last two shades, I got mixed up there haha
I used the Mac Fixing fluid to make them pop a little bit more. The range is quite beautiful and versatile, I can do toned down daytime looks as well as flashy night time looks ( at least what I would call flashy). I do have to admit that I find the lighter tones to be a bit hard to work with, especially Burnout and Limit. Also Nooner and Liar are very similar in my opinion.

I usually go for very natural looks so I did one that I would do regularly, I used Dust on half of the lid, then Limit on the other half, Buzz in my crease and Nooner around my upper and lower lash line:

Here is a simple selfie shot of the whole look (I kinda don't like it when I don't see the eye makeup in the context of your whole face in reviews like that, it doesn't make sense to me and I can't imagine what it would look zoomed out..):

The palette is absolutely gold, especially for someone like me who is NOT an eyeshadow fanatic and tends to create simpler looks. So it was actually worth it to invest because I will be using it for quite some time and be able to do different styles at the same time. Would totally recommend!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Douglas Haul & Review of Mac Lip Liner Boldly Bare + Mac Blush Peachykeen

This douglas haul (german makeup store) is a little bit older (it's really not like I am doing a haul every week, honest to god) so I have used the products for quite a while now! The phone case pictured is actually from claire's and I am so in love with it, I have a huge weakness for cute phone cases... and since I own an Iphone 6 literally all the cute cases fit...
But this post is actually about 2 of the makeup products I got from this haul:

As you can see I got a chubby stick and 2 NYX products also, but I won't review them now!
The Mac lipliner in the color boldly bare is something I've been wanting for quite some time, since I've seen it on Gigi Gorgeous (huge fan of her), and I finally invested 16,50€ for it. Which is quite a lot in my opinion for such a product but lets first see if it owns up to that price.
The blush is something I've gotten on the whim because I just love peach-coloured blushes and "peachykeen" also had a nice shimmer to it so I bought it for 24,50€!

First the blush:

I amped up the details on this pic to make the shimmer come out a bit clearer on it, it's a cooler toned peach color, very natural looking with added shimmer particles! I was very excited to swatch it but then this:

YES, that is actually a swatch, even swatched twice, I don't know why this particular Mac blush had to be so bad with pigmentation for me, maybe I got an old one but it's very hard to swatch it. Well it is very natural because of that but when applying I really have to use a lot of blush for it to appear on my skin... I still like the color but it's the second blush from Mac I bought that I didn't like so I'll stay away from them from now on (other Mac products work great!).

The lipliner is another story though:

The Mac lipliner are pretty popular so I did have some expectations, especially since I only owned like 2 lipliner before this one and rarely used them. This one has vitamin e and helps keep your lips hydrated!

From the swatch you can tell that it's a very subtle colour, a kind of nude-brownish shade. Though this swatch doesn't do its justice, it actually makes the lips look wonderful and even fuller!
I love this product and have been obsessing over it, I usually use the lipliner almost by itself, I apply it on my lip line and then smudge it a bit with a clear chapstick, as to not make it look to harsh and just spread the nude color of it evenly. It's a bit darker than the shade of my lips, which is really good for conturing. It has a very good hydrating formula and stays on pretty good. 
I simply love it and tried to take a selfie with both products, but the lighting is not that good (have to take my canon out pretty soon I guess):

That's quite an amusing selfie actually.... and it shows my signature face. I had to apply a lot of the blush to make it visible like that though.

The lipliner is holy grail material and will stay in my makeup collection forever! The blush not so much though unfortunately...

Btw I added the statcounter this week out of curiosity (and blocked my own visits on it) so it might seem it has few visits but it counts individually and is pretty new also- so don't judge haha

Sunday, December 6, 2015

House of Lashes Review

Most of the reviews that I do on here are positive ones or at least things that I find to be ok, but sometimes I buy things that just don't do any good. Here is one case.
I watch a lot of NikkieTutorials videos on youtube and she is the reason for many of my recent purchases, among those the incredible Milani blush luminoso, so I thought maybe there is something else that she loves that I'd love, too. She was very pleased with the House of Lashes products, especially the glue, that supposedly gets sticky after sheer seconds! I wear false lashes for special occasions or if I want to look cute in selfies and I use the one and only Duo lash-glue, it has been bomb but I usually have to wait for like 30 seconds for it to get sticky. So I wanted to try something that - at least according to Nikkie - is even better. So I ordered from House of lashes:

I got the House of Lashes Noir Fairy Lashes in Black, which cost 12$, and the White Lash Adhesive for 8$!
The packaging is cute and girly and they sent it out pretty quickly.
The glue is latex-free and waterproof, which sounds really great. The lashes are made out of cruelty-free synthetic hair.
Unfortunately I could tell from the first second when unpacking the lashes that they were of subpar quality and from a very hard kind of plastic. The outer strip of the lashes is very thick, like the ones from the cheap eBay lashes and they are very difficult to bend in any shape.
The lash glue is very thin and watery, not at all like the thick duo glue, and it didn't get sticky after just some seconds, I wouldn't have noticed any way because the formula is so watery... Anyways I tried to use the glue on the lashes but they wouldn't stay put on my eyes and actually hurt because of the the material, the lash adhesive didn't work on any of my other lashes that well. I usually wear either eyelure lashes or my favourite: dolly wink lashes! They are super soft.
This was a very disappointing purchase unfortunately and I will not buy from that shop any time soon!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dugz-Hypcosmetics Haul & Color Kill Liquid Lipstick Review

So for the weekend I have a haul that is very recent, from (hypecosmetics), where I bought about 30€ worth of makeup! Shipping was 5€ in Germany so that's ok.
I basically only wanted to order from them because of the Color Kill products but ended up buying some Milani stuff as well!

Here's what I got:

1. The Color Kill Matte Liquid Lipstick in Lotus Petal for 15,95€
2. The Maybelline Popstick in Cherry Pop (I used to have all of them and bought it because of nostalgic reasons) 5,95€
3. Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Beauty's Touch for 8,49€
4. Milani Statement Lipstick in Nude Creme for 5,49€

I'll only review the color kill liquid lipstick though because it is the main reason I made this haul and it is actually the item I actually love most, the other are nothing spectacular in my opinion (Milani's luminoso is the Milani's best product... these are not even close).
So first just take in the super cute packaging:

It's super adorable, and I really can't bring myself to through it away... the lipstick itself is in a matte vial, very simple that way. I chose the color"lotus petal" because it seemed a mix of nude and mauve tones and very toned down and simple, something I'd see myself wearing during the day. 
Here's a swatch:

As you might see on this picture, there is a little bit too much product on that lipstick brush... it can get messy that way, especially since this lipstick stains like a mofo, which is good for the lips but not good for my clothes, so I try to be very careful with it. The swatch shows the nudeish/ brownish color, which I always buy... The interesting thing: it is very shiny when first applying but it drys down to a very matte finish

I like the color and the formula of this liquid lipstick, it doesn't look flakey on my lips and stays for quite a long time that way. It is rather sticky and it does stain, so if you are having drinks you will have a very visible stain on the cup you are drinking from, or when kissing someone etc. 
Still I think it is a very good liquid lipstick, with a gorgeous color and long lasting! I don't have a good comparison to other popular liquid lipsticks yet, but I will soon when my limecrime velvetine arrives! I might even buy some of jeffree star's liquid lipsticks! 
As of now I really like this one, here's my whole look with the lipstick:

Monday, November 30, 2015

Milani Baked Blush - Luminoso

So here is a small post about a holy grail product that I own, the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso!
I originally watched some tutorials from Nikkie-Tutorials on Youtube and she kept raving about the blush in several of her monthly favourite videos. The product can be found through amazon for about 6-10€ so I thought I'd give it a try, since there was such a huge hype.
So here it is:

The packaging is pretty simple, I'd like to note that there is a second compartment inside with an application brush (which is actually non too shaby) and a mirror! So it is very practical on the go.

No words can describe the glow and shimmer of Luminoso! The description itself states it is a "blush that features a mélange infusion of colors baked on Italian terracotta tiles".
That sounds pretty fancy. But the big question is: can you actually get that color on your face or is it maybe not that pigmented?
Ok well it's super highly pigmented and just silky in texture and application! I have never had a blush like this and I have so many from drugstore to high end brand, this one takes the cake. It's too beautiful and has a nice soft shimmer without being too overly glittery. The staying power is quite good, although I find myself re-applying quite regularly- simply cause I love this blush.
Here is a pic of me wearing it, toned down with Mac's Soft & Gentle highlighter a bit:
I will forever buy this blush and I use it more often than any other ones I own!!
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