Friday, April 12, 2013

Review: Lavera Lip Balm

I bought some Lavera products some time ago only to realize that I don’t like the brand at all…I bought 2 lip balms and a cleansing gel.
Both Lip Balms were about 4 €, twice as my Labello Lip Balms which I adore. I bought the Raspberry and the Soft Bronze Lip Balm. Never in my life have I been this disappointed with Lip Balms. Or any product for that matter! The packaging is super cheap because the balm it salves dangles around in the plastic and is not stabilized or anything. And the worst? They are both soooo dry, as if they have been lying around for ages somewhere! No moisture no color no anything. They are so difficult to apply, as if you are rubbing a plastic lip-stick over your lips! The only positive thing is the raspberry smell from the Raspberry Lip Balm. I can’t say anything about the cleansing gel though. I will probably not buy from this brand anymore….


  1. Oh no. I will give this a miss if I see it in stores. I would expect a lip balm to provide some sort of moisture or hydration to the lips. Hope you'll come one that is 1000x better than this. :)

    1. yes this is a real fail product but I already have my fave, Labello Fruity Shine (especially the strawberry!!), I just always try out new stuff ;)


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