Thursday, April 4, 2013

Perfume: Cotton Candy Girly Girl Prince Matchabelli

And again a cotton candy-like smelling perfume. This time it’s Prince Matchabelli’s Cotton Candy. It is soooo cheap, only 8 $ for 60 ml. So I didn’t expect much.
Again cute and tacky packaging, the pink feathery stuff is actually on the bottle itself. I have to say, it is an exact copy of the Body Fantasies Cotton Candy Body Spray. Only that the alcohol is more apparent when first spraying on but it fades fast into the same cotton candy- grape soda fragrance and it stays just as long. It stays a little bit too close to my skin in my opinion.
Still it’s inexpensive and fun, I don’t see a reason not to buy it. I like that this one just like the Body Spray has no bitter or musky undertones whatsoever (unlike Pink Sugar or Delicious Cotton Candy that I reviewed before). I might just buy this again, for fun and giggles.

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