Monday, January 18, 2016

Review: Lime Crime Venus Palette

I wanted to blog about this for a while, but now I finally came around to actually use the palette that I am going to review here.
Lime Crime has a kind of mixed reputation but my post will not be about the drama and stuff but simply about the product. I own exactly 2 Lime Crime products as of now, not sure if I will buy more though, not because of the performance but because of all the drama....
Anyway I ordered 2 items, the Lime Crime Velvetine Liquid Lipstick in "Faded" for 15$ and the Venus Eyeshadow Palette for 19$. I ordered both of them over dollskill on black friday, hence the cheap price!
I will first only review the palette but here are both products pictured:

I have to admit that Lime Crime get an A+ when it comes to the overall design and packaging of their products. They look classy yet still playful! Also I have been wanting to at least get my hands on the velvetine lipsticks for all their hype but because the Venus Palette was on sale, too, I just ended up impulse buying it....

 The Venus pictured looks just like Doe Deere hehe... Well I love the idea and design behind this and the concept, too, which defines the colours as very warm and autumn like.

As you can see there is a total of 8 different eyeshadows, ranging from an illuminating eggshell white to a cool dark chocolate brown. I like the prevalence of red-ish toned colours, because they can look very cool as part of an eye-makeup. Still the palette seems to be very warm-toned.

The swatch shows a great pigmentation (I used Mac Studio Fix fluid as a base as I always do) and very vibrant colors overall, except maybe for aura, which seems to be not as pigmented. But after having used it for a simple eye-makeup I have to disagree with this swatch - cause aura is actually very well pigmented, too!

My super simple Eye-Makeup needed the colours shell and aura as base, venus and creation to darken the look. I used some of venus as a way to line my under-eye softly. I actually like this look very much, as always it's not very over the top but that is exactly how I'd wear it out in public! I used Mac's painterly paint pot as a base and the eyeshadow stayed on the whole day in it's vibrant way. Here is the look as a whole:

I know that the eye-makeup is not super visible in selfies like these, but the point is to show how the overall look works for me. And selfies are a great way to try that out... 
My general impression of the Venus Palette is very positive and I found it to be a great palette for that price! Of course that was a special offer so I don't know if I would have bought it for the original one... 

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