Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Essie Nail Polish

There’s a huge hype going on about Essie Nail Polish and although I am not thaaaat into nail polish I wanted to try it out. To me usually the color is the most important thing when it comes to nail polish, I just love cute pastels! That’s why I bought Sugar Daddy and Go Ginza, each 7 €, which I already find pricey for nail polish.
I was a bit disappointed with Sugar Daddy because it turned out just to be a clear french-manicure-type of nail polish, too bad I didn’t know that! It’s honestly just very clear. Go Ginza on the other hand is super pretty:
I love pastel purple and this looks slightly pink even, just perfect! The application was ok, nothing groundbreaking, need two coats for it to look nice! It dries reasonably fast. Only problem is that it already started to vanish on the third-fourth day, well just at the top, probably because I just do a lot like washing dishes were this just happens! I am satisfied with Go Ginza but I’m not sure whether I will be buying more Essie nail polish because there are cheaper alternatives, I’ll probably be just looking for dupes of certain shades!


  1. Go ginza is a great colour! Love it:-))
    Greets and a nice WE

  2. Die Pastell Farben sind soo unglaublich schön! :3


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