Friday, April 3, 2015

Too Faced Haul (Sephora)

This haul is actually a couple months old but I guess I can comment on the products better after having used them for such a long time! I bought all of the following products from sephora online, I paid about 100$ for everything combined but I'l list prices down below. I have to say that sephora is a great place to order from, the only downside is that I have to pay taxes because I live in germany,
so even if the products seem to be cheaper in comparison to german shops, they actually aren't.
Nevertheless the free samples are awesome (depending on the day you purchase, I got a tarte mascara!) and the shipping was very fast!

Here are my gets:

First of, I got the papparazzi ready set, which includes the bronzer, lashgasm mascara, sweet sun shines lip gloss in mocha freeze ,a beauty balm and an eyeliner. The set was 40$ but the actual value was 87$!
- The mascara is ok, nothing special here and doesn't give any volume
-The lipgloss is nice (especially the scent and texture) but it fades quickly
-The eyeliner is pretty good, glides very smoothly
-The beauty balm is unfortunately not my shade, I gave it to someone else so I am not sure about it.
-The bronzer is da bomb, it lasts me sooo long! I guess I have been using it for a couple of months on and off and the chocolatey smell, the texture and the way it stays on my face just made this the best bronzer ever (I have the chocolate soleil bronzer in milk chocolate, might review it in detail)

Also pictured is the under the mistletoe lip creme set which was 28$ (value 71$), will review this later

And my favourite: the Candlelight Glow Highlight Powder Duo, which is just amazing:

The packaging is already so dreamy, and the colors and chandelier from the powder itself are breathtaking. I hesitated for some time before I would actually use it! The highlighter was 30$ and the whole sephora purchase was mainly because of this beauty. 

I tried to capture the golden shimmer glow, but it's really hard. So the particles are golden, I have not noticed a significant difference from the pink or white powder, but I still tend to mix them both. Usually I apply way too much blush and then just go over the blush with the highlighter using a blush brush. It just makes the face glowy and the blush underneath looks way better this way! 
To show the actual effect better I did not wear any blush underneath:

This is just lightly applied, did not use too much and already the effect is pretty great! Before I found this great highlighter I used a benefit high beam dupe from mememe, which was very difficult to apply because of the creamy texture or my skin79 star glow ball highlighter! I will probably stick with this highlighter forever.
Overall the purchase was worth it, although I'll have to speak about the lip creams seperately. But the papparazzi set was worth it because of the bronzer and of course this highlighter was one of the best buys ever!

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