Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kracie happy Kitchen Donuts

Here’s something completely make-up-unrelated! I bought a lot of 5 different Kracie Happy Kitchen Sets for about 15 € on ebay and wanted to show you one! Basically Kracie Happy Kitchen are from Japan and are sweets that you make yourself with the powder that is inside such a kit and add water to it to change it into a form of gelatine. I don’t know the ingredients and not all sets are sweet (I have a Kracie Burger Set that’s supposed to be savory) but they are all more fun to make than eat. They taste ok but honestly making gummy mini sushi, bento or donuts is more about the process!
This is all that was inside! Some bags with powder, a spoon to stir, some decoration stuff and the plastic into which you pour the powder and water! It’s very easy to make and there are english instructions on the internet! I had no problem with the bags because they are all written in katakana which I still can read. It’s such a mircale how out of the mixture of powder and water a cookie-dough like substance is created haha
Here is the finished product:
The donuts were actually very tasty in my opinion, I loved the pink strawberry frosting! It was hella fun, too! I might show my other sets!


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    1. thank you! sure I would, thanks for the comment :)


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