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Some info about me:
My name is Jana, I am 27 years old and a student in Germany. I am actually russian but have been living in Germany almost all my life.
I have a bachelor's degree in sinology and sociology. Right now I am trying to finish my master's degree in sociology!
While studying sinology (study of Chinese language and culture) I lived in the lovely city Nanjing in China for half a year, it was like a dream, everything is different in terms of fashion but I enjoyed being able to visit Sephora daily (which is impossible here in Germany). I loved it there and want to go back!

I love make up and all kinds of fashion mainly because I always want to be the best “me”. I’ve always seen make up more as a kind of tool to look even better than a way of my self expression. So I usually don’t do flashy make up, just the kind that makes me look better (although I love seeing that kind of make up on others) That’s why I am mainly into foundation and mascara! I have an obsession with all kinds of body sprays and lotions, mainly the sweetest that I can find, same goes for perfume.
I wanted to create a blog to show the many seemingly needless things that girls buy, and sometimes beauty products honestly do NOTHING and are hence pretty but useless and I wanted to be honest about it! Of course I have mostly positive reviews because I just try to avoid buying stuff that won’t work on me.
I love 80s music and movies, make up, frilly clothes (although I try to wear more mature stuff), Harry Potter, Star Wars, vaporwave, K-Pop, J-Pop and Rock, Jay Chou, perfume, body sprays that smell like candy, China, Chinese food, Horror Manga (Junji Ito and Hideshi Hino), learning languages, my Mac, gothic culture…and beauty blogs.

I write in English because it's easier for me to use when talking about make up, I'm just used to it even though German is actually something like my first language (next to Russian).

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