Wednesday, April 10, 2013

J.S.Douglas Söhne Powder Spray

Some things that I buy are just pretty and fun and have no other purpose. This is one of them, the J.S.Douglas Söhne Vitamine & Shea Oil Powder Spray. I bought it for 10 € and plan on filling the flacon with perfume once it’s empty!
I have no idea how this thing you have to squeeze there is called but it’s so cute and like a real old-school perfume! Inside is gold-glittery powder that is even scented lightly and with vitamines and shea oil. I think i could use this on my face for a big flashy event because it is way too sparkly for day-time occasions! Here is how it looks sprayed on my arm (it’s kinda difficult to capture with a camera but it honestly glitters A LOT):
This is a very luxurious product to me, without being too expensive! And very girly, too! I bet this will look great on my drawer….


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