Thursday, March 28, 2013

Small DM haul…AGAIN

Ok I know I just posted the Douglas haul but I couldn’t resist to buy some small stuff in DM that I’ve been looking at for weeks.
I bought:
Balea Sweet Wonderland Lip Balm, was about 1 €, smells chocolaty but nothing special.
The Catrice Candy Shock Lip Balm Stick in Sugar Shock, about 2 €, I’ve seen previews for the new Catrice LE and this was the only product that caught my interest:
I like how the colored part is surrounded by this balm. But the actual color seems to be almost nude like on me…
The Maxfactor Lip Stick in 745 Burnt Caramel, tried it out and fell in love! Exactly my color. Will definitely review!
Treaclemoon’s My coconut Island has been around for some time in DM, it was about 5 € I think for 500 ml, I bought it because of the very very sweet coconut smell. It’s even a mix with cotton candy to me, better than most coconut scents!
The Balea Bodycream Zuckerschnute wasn’t a must buy, was about 3 €, it smells like meringues and I liked the other products from this line (waiting for my body lotion and the lip balm from this line, I bought them on ebay)! 
And last is the Got 2b Öl-la-la Oil styling spray. It’s with real argan oil essence! Got it for controlling my frizzy hair!

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