Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: GHD V-gold professional styler classic

Now I’ve been using straighteners and curling irons since forever, I had Babybliss, Remington and Braun, I manly use them to curl my straight hair. Those were never really satisfying because they kept burning and damaging my hair. No need to mention that I always followed the reviews concerning ghd products, I couldn’t believe that it really worked that well.  Last month I went to a hair salon to get my hair cut, and at the end as an extra they even curled it by using the ghd straightening iron. I didn’t expect much, but my hair suddenly felt even better than before, my curls were so bouncy and soft! And the biggest surprise: without even using hair spray the curls stayed with me till the next dayand looked wonderful! That’s when I decided to finally invest 130 € and buy this ghd baby from amazon:
It’s really classy and high quality in its design. I fell in love with it instantly. Best part is that it only needs about 10 seconds to reach the highest temperature that I need and even notifies me with a beep about it:
The little ghd light is sooo cute! The gold ceramic plates are responsible for the shinyness at the end. And here is finally a picture of me before and after using the iron (mind you I have super straight hair and it looks like it does on the picture just after washing and blow drying):
I love that it gives me those wavy locks and not super small ones, furthermore I like my hair only curled from the middle of the length on. I am very satisfied with the iron and I think the money is really really well invested, my hair just doesn’t feel as damaged and broken as it does when using regular curling irons. And they stay like that no matter what! Real professional styler.

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