Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer

I already mentioned that I got this eyeshadow primer from Too Faced some days ago in the mail. It was $8 on ebay and I’ve been always looking to get a good primer because I thought there had to be a better one than my artdeco primer that was so difficult to apply because of it’s dryish-creamy texture. I was positively impressed by this new primer.
It comes in a tube of 11 grams and is quite easy to handle and to apply. The texture reminds me very much of liquid foundations and it blends in perfectly. The real convincing argument for getting this was the comparison between the eye-shadow applied without the primer and with the primer:
I just used some cheap astor eye-shadow in black as I didn’t have any of my palettes with me. On the left without and on the right with primer. Amazing, it’s such a huge difference. Now I know the quality of this particular eyeshadow is not very good to begin with but then again that’s why the primer is even more convincing, it changes the pigments from nonexistent to a strong black!!! And it doesn’t smudge or wear off quickly (or at all for that matter, at least not through the hours I wore it).
Will definitely buy again because I don’t see any downside to this primer, and the price is great, too, when I compare it to the crappy artdeco primer I used to spend $12 on…

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  1. Just bought it and I have to admit -- it makes a hella of a difference! it's really good!!

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