Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Tangle Teezer Compact Styler

I am well aware that almost everybody has the the Tangle Teezer by now, I made the effort to buy it on Asos for 16 € without knowing that DM in Germany has it now, too. At least they don’t have this design haha

I bought it here!
I guess everybody knows what the Tangle Teezer does but I’ll just recap: it detangles your hair. That’s all. But that’s actually a tough job, at least with my hair, that appears to be easy to deal with but is actually a pain in the ass, every brush and comb I use just tears out my hair. Therefore I hate brushing my hair even though it’s essential.
But not anymore with the Tangle Teezer! It glides through my hair like butter! Just amazing and well worth the money!
The compact styler comes with an extra lid to put on so it doesn’t get all dirty in your purse. I have it with me everyday because it’s actually small for a brush and just essential for me! Definitely an HG product for me. And germans can now easily buy it in DM, too!
I look unhappy but it’s actually the opposite haha I’m just concentrating on the magic the Tangle Teezer does with my hair! And the inner Russian in me loves the leopard pattern…

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  1. The inner russian XD
    My better half always makes jokes about that *laugh*



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