Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: PocketBac Antibacterial Hand Gel

When eating outdoors there’s usually the trouble of finding a place to quickly wash hands, even when just eating something from the bakery you still don’t want those germs. Well antibacterial hand gels have been around for quite some time but I never imagined someday having something like this:
These cute three PocketBacs are super small, only 29 ml, they usually are very inexpensive but I had to pay 3 $ for each on ebay, and shipping, too, cause they only have it in the US. But they smell so so good so that my hands don’t have to smell like some cleaning detergent or anything like that. 
I have Vanilla Berry SorbetBat Bite Apple and Fresh Picked Strawberries! I love all three sents because they smell exactly like they are supposed to. The fresh picked strawberries smell like strawberries and grass haha
The thing I love most is that you only need very little because their antibacterial effect ispretty strong. And they are so cute because they are so small :3

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