Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: Maxfactor Lipstick Burnt Caramel

Maxfactor is a brand that I never pay attention to, once bought a horrible concealer and after that nothing more. I stumbled upon this lipstick while shopping and tried it out because the color was named “burnt caramel” (yeah names lure me in…) and I thought it suited me surprisingly well! I’m not that much into lipstick, simply because texture and color of most lipsticks don’t work well on me. This lipstick was about 5 €, very reasonable price!
So usually what is important to me is how long i can wear the lipstick without having to re-apply and texture, which for me means it has to be somehow moisturizing because of my dry lips.
The design of the lipstick is nothing special, can’t expect anything for that price I guess (or maybe Maxfactor is just not very exciting as a brand). Here are my pics of wearing it:
I think the color is a bit difficult to describe, it hase some mauve tones in it, which I usually pick, yet a slight brownish shade to it! This kind of shade probably looks good on everybody! I like that it doesn’t have a matt but rather shiny and moist finish.The longevity is ok with this one, I usually reapply after two or three hours! Maybe I’ll try out the other Maxfactor products, too, cause I am very happy with this buy!


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