Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic Set

Next product I got in the mail some days ago: The Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic Concealer-Set. Now I love benefit from the bottom of my heart, the packaging, the quality, the names of the products, just about everything but the price. I wanted to try some of their concealing products (because who doesn’t need some concealer from time to time?? okay there probably are people who don’t, whatevs) and this set was perfect for me. It costed only around $20 and considering all the products I get from this (even if they come in traveler size) it’s a bargain.
It’s so very adorable, and after opening it looks like a fairy tale book or a cute diary! Themirror that is in this “book” is very useful and unlike some cheap gimmick mirrors that I experienced (especially in make-up palettes) this one is really nice and helpful without distorting your face at all.
There is even a cute booklet that comes with the set that explains how and where to use every product! Also very helpful: The brushes are labeled so you always use the same side of the brush for the same product. The products in this set are:
“That gal” brightening face primer, 7,5 ml. I don’t really need this product but it gives the face a healthy glow and can actually be applied over (!) make-up (and it really doesn’t mess it up!).
“Erase paste” brightening camouflage for eyes and face, 3,2 gr. This works really well with dark circles as its just like a regular concealer, but not that heavy and creasing! The coverage is a light to medium. Love it!
“Boi-ing” concealer in two shades, each one 1,3 gr. According to the instructions you can actually mix your perfect shade with the two different ones, for me the light one is enough right now. The coverage is still pretty medium but it has no nasty gray shade to it after concealing and doesn’t feel heavy! Love it, too!
“Lemon aid” color correcting eyelid primer, 0,9 gr. Now as I already got a good primer for eye-shadow this was no necessity, BUT I absolutely love this product, you put it on your eye-lid like a primer and you don’t even have to use eye-shadow, it’s such a pure look after putting this on because my eyes look refreshed and bright! Adore it.
“Eye bright” eye brightener, 0,9 gr. This is a very light rosy shade for the inner corners of the eyes to look brighter. Not my favorite but still useful for highlighting and so on!
Summed up: I’m glad I got this set, I will certainly get the products I liked best (like erase paste and lemon aid) in their original size, too, after trying these out!
Pretty and useful in my eyes!

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