Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: Clinique

I bought three Clinique products a couple of months ago but I actually only wanted one. But because they were cheaper in the set I thought I’d might as well get it! The product I wanted to get was the “Dramatically Different  Moisturizing Gel”. The set went for about $25 and the full size gel was $22 I think. So I got the gel and the “Clarifying Lotion” and the “Liquid Facial Soap”, the set is for combination oily to oily skin (is this even my type of skin???).
I’ll make this short: I hate it!!!! Ok I like the Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel but the other things, just UGHHH. The clarifying lotion irritates my skin soooo much, I’m red like a tomato after using it. And the facial soap doesn’t really do anything in removing dirt, and it leaves my face feeling stretched out with that amount of soap, even when I wash it away!
And it’s certainly not just because I’m not sure whether I have the kind of skin the products are for. My skin is a combination, and sometimes oily sometimes dry so this is probably about right…
This brings me to the thought I’ve been having for some time: don’t buy all these useless products, you’re better of just using soap! Honestly I had better experiences with simple soap. Nowadays our skin just gets over-treated with all the amount of products we use, you should rather just let it be. Of course I can’t bring myself from buying one or another hyped product but I have to keep that thought in mind to not overdo it with skin-care.
Won't buy again, clearly a good example of pretty useless.

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