Saturday, March 30, 2013

Review: MAC Powder Blush Mocha Matte

I’ll just start with the conclusion: it’s the worst blush I ever had. And I paid about 20 € for this. I feel so disappointed, maybe I got an old blush and that’s why? I’ll tell you why I hate it:
Packaging is nothing special as always. I picked the Mocha Matte color because usually shades like that suit me, a little bit colder than others and darker. I still think that my theory is correct and just particular blush didn’t work.
I just realized when swatching that it doesn’t seem to be as easy to get as much color as I would like out of it. I used different methods, brushes and puffs, everything. This swatch was created after I layered the color with my finger (my last resort):
See how little color I get out of it? But that would still be ok if it was at least easy to layer.It is not. I never had a blush that turned out THIS patchy on my skin. It’s horrific. Either I put too much color on or none at all. Here’s my pic wearing the blush:
I can’t see any blush on me at all here. I will stick to other blushes that are either cheaper or even better quality wise or both. I will never buy this again…..

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