Friday, March 22, 2013

Dry Shampoo Review and Comparison

My latest fascination has been Dry Shampoo. It helps to refresh my hair on the second day, helps me give it more volume and remove the greasiness if I put too much conditioner and so on! Basically the usage is the same as using a hairspray, you just have to watch out for the gray layer you can get from the dry shampoo and brush it out! I tried different ones and will tell my opinion on them: (those are the ones you can get in Germany at least)
1. Balea Trend it up Dry Shampoo, costs 2,45 € in DM, 200 ml. I like it a lot, the smell is pretty fresh and the gray layer isn’t overly strong with this one. My hair feels most refreshed when using this one!
2. + 3. Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush/ Tropical, cost about 3,80 € on Asos, both 200 ml. I love the scent from the Tropical, has a coconut aroma to it! The scent from the Blush is pretty generic, flowery. They are both ok and the gray layer is ok here, you can brush it out easily.
4. Schauma Cotton Fresh Dry Shampoo, costs about 2,50 € in both Müller and DM. I hate this one. It smells like toilet cleaner, so artificial and disgusting. My hair is sooo gray after using this and it’s super hard to brush it out! Don’t buy this one.
And now my favourites:
Those two are great.
The small one is the Lee Stafford Dry Shampoo, it’s pretty expensive for just 50 ml, costs 3,45 €. But it’s great because of the travel size, the smell is nice and it has practically no gray layer to it! Always in my purse!
And the second one is Batiste Dry Shampoo Medium & Brunette, it’s more expensive. too, about 5 € on Asos. It has a hint of color and though it’s a bit lighter than my dark brown hair color it’s a lot nicer to have layers of medium brown in my hair than having a gray layer. The smell is also nice.
[EDIT]: this Dry Shampoo actually leaves real color in my hair, which means, when washing my hair afterwards it is as if I had used semi-permanent hair color and now am washing out the traces of it, leaves brown stains everywhere in the bath room. I don't know WHY I didn't expect this, anyways this is a product I won't buy again.
None of them are outstanding in giving lots of volume though I think. I still love it, it’s way too practical to not use!

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  1. hi jana, loved the brother lives in saarsbruecken and he is coming home to india next month. can you tell me in which stores he can get balea, batiste or schauma???thanks for the help


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