Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Perfume Review: Pink Sugar by Aquolina and Egeo Choc by O Boticario

I have a weakness for sweet stuff, meaning sweets, cute make up AND perfume that smells sickly sweet. Most people think it’s too much to have a perfume that smells like cotton candy, but it’s exactly right for me, I’m always on the lookout for that kind of fragrances, gourmand fragrances! Since I joined the site "fragrantica . com" I discovered many perfumes that could suit my endless craving for sweet stuff, that’s how I came to buy the next two:
The Aquolina Pink Sugar Fragrance, that was 25 € total (with shipping) for 100 ml on amazon, which I find is a good price for what you get out of it. To explain the scent of Pink Sugar well, here’s a Perfume Pyramid that I took from fragrantica.com :
Top Notes
Orange Fig Leaf Raspberry Bergamot
Middle Notes
Red Berries Lily-of-the-Valley Licorice Cotton Candy
Base Notes
Musk Vanilla Caramel
The note that is most intense is the cotton candy and toffee for me. When I first sprayed this on I didn’t like it at all, it had an almost liquorice like smell to me because the musk came out to strong together with the cotton candy. But after half an hour or even less it turned into the sickly sweet yet somehow mature fragrance I hoped for! The longevity varies daily, sometimes half a day, other times only 2 hours. Still, I am very pleased with this buy. I was thinking of getting Aquolinas Chocolovers fragrance also, but it’s nowhere to be found…
Btw, the packaging is so cute and playful, it looks like something out of a Dr Seuss childrens’ book!

The second one is Egeo Choc by O Boticario, which I ordered directly from the website of O Boticario because they restocked on the limited perfume right now! How fortuitous! It was a bit more than I wished to pay, about 35 € with shipping.

Now the notes for the Egeo Choc from O Boticario are as follows:
Top Notes
Whipped cream Amalfi Lemon Peach Red Berries
Middle Notes
African Orange flower Mexican chocolate Milk
Base Notes
Musk Sandalwood Amber Benzoin VanilleWoodsy Notes
And unfortunately I dont smell that much chocolate, which is what I hoped for…I mean it’s called Egeo CHOC. The chocolate smell is so weak in my opinion. Nevertheless it is a very rounded fragrance, quite mature again, and it lasts very long on me always! Won’t buy again though.

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