Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: Maybelline Colorsensational Popsticks

And again a review about the Maybelline Colorsensational Popsticks! Last time Iwasn’t very impressed with them, I got the 010 Pink Sugar and while it was cute and pretty it didn’t make much difference on my lips. This time I got the 020 Tropical Pink. It was 10€ so about $13 I guess?? Not totally unreasonable for a maybelline lipstick!
Why did I even get another one? Well look at it. It’s so cool being all see-through and stuff! And I actually thought a lot about buying it but after testing it out for weeks in the shopping centre I realized I should just go ahead and buy it! It’s a pink-orangeish kind of shade and does not go overboard with the orange shade like it would appear from the lipstick itself. I haven’t got pics of the difference on my lips yet, but I still got a swatch.
You can slightly see the pink color but not so much the orange one on the swatch. The glitter on the other hand is not so much visible when applied (probably because there are no real glitter particles). The one downside to this popstick is that it kind of dries the lips very quickly! I expected it to moisturize but it does the exact opposite! Still the whole design is nice, the scent is sweet like a lollipop, it doesn’t wear off that quickly and it has a nice color on the lips!
Will buy again but is not a must have for me! Maybe I will combine it with a chap stick base and then apply it over the base to keep my lips moisturized…

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