Sunday, March 31, 2013

Review: P2 Color Star Lip Cream

As you might have already noticed I own high end make up AND drugstore make up, both have advantages and disadvantages, the clear drugstore advantage being that it’svery cheap. Now of course when it comes to trying out new products without reading reviews and generally experimenting I prefer drugstore make up, and that’s how I came to buy this:
The P2 Color Star Lip Cream in 071 Liz Taylor. Yes you read correct Lip CREAM. I thought this sounded interesting so I tried it. never did I imagine it being so messy… Lip Cream is very very opaque compared to Lip Gloss and at the same time just as sticky and messy as Gloss, which makes it actually very dangerous to use, like sticky oil paint or something.
It looks great on the lips as a color, very strong and it is reasonably easy to apply, but after that it’s horrible. Very bad staying power and it just get’s everything red surrounding me, I just have to brush against clothes and there will be a red oily stain…And it's really hard to get off, too. It’s an interesting idea to combine the opacity of lipsticks with the liquid consistence of a lipgloss, but it ultimately fails. Good thing it was only 3€ but disappointing nevertheless.

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