Saturday, March 23, 2013

Small The Body Shop Haul

I bought three small things in The Body Shop some days ago:
I bought the Banana Shampoo, the Chocomania Body Butter and the Chocomania Lip Butter. All together I paid 20 €! (The Body Butter was 10 € because of discount.)
 - The Body Butter is supposed to hydrate the skin for 48 hours while smelling like delicious chocolate. I don’t like the smell, it’s too musky and bitter. And I can’t say it really hydrates for a whole 48 hours, so I’m not that impressed.
- The Lip Butter smells pretty chocolaty, very nice and sweet but you can’t use too much of it or your lips will have a pale layer of lip butter on them, which is not a good look. Still it does it's job and  is good for dry lips!
- The Banana Shampoo is the best thing I ever tried though. It smells heavenly like fresh bananas and the hydrating effect it has on my hair is just AMAZING. My hair looks so different when I use it, so silky and straight and shiny! Will buy again forever and ever (it was about 6 € though haha). Only downside is that the banana smell doesn’t last long! Still, my personal holy grail when it comes to shampoo.

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