Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: Balea Zuckerschnute Deodorant & Showergel

This has been reviewed a lot in germany. It’s the Balea Showergel and Deodorant from the “Zuckerschnute” (something like Sugar-Pout ) series. There’s also a body lotion but I couldn’t get it. The products are all sold for around 1€, so the price is not worth mentioning, but now it is sold out and a bit more expensive on ebay. The series is popular because of the super sweet smell that reminds of lemon bars or lemon cake, something like that! 
I’ve been using the shower gel for a long time already and LOVE it because of the smell! So sweet and slightly lemony, but not like a bath re-freshener but as if used in pastry and cookies! And it doesn’t wear off that fast after showering.
Now about the deodorant, I picked it up recently because of my positive impression from the first product. But I was terribly disappointed. The smell is horrible, it’s extremely artificial and has nothing sweet about it. I have seen positive reviews about it but I can’t see why…
Depending on how long they plan to sell the shower gel I will keep buying it for sure! I’ll have to throw away the deodorant though…
I am currently bidding on ebay to get the Body Lotion....pleaaaase.

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