Monday, March 25, 2013

Lush Haul and Review

Some time ago I ordered stuff on Lush and finally tried all the products!
The products are as follows:
Fresh Farmacy Soap, 100g for 7,95 €. It’s against pimples and other irritations of the skin. I don’t like the smell, it is very “farmacy” like, somehow musky and bitter. Didn’t feel any great difference when using this yet, but i used it quite irregularly and only a few times. I’ll give it another try!
The Honey I washed the kids Soap was 5,65 € for 100g, it smells nice, a sweet caramel scent and slight honey scent, but I don’t use it often. Probably won’t buy again because I don’t really need that.
Snow Fairy Shower Gel was about 10 € for 250 g! It is heaven on earth, real christmasy and smells like minty sugary candy canes! The shower gel even glitters…I regret only buying one, I love this so much…
The Comforter Bubble Bath was 7,25 € for one piece, there’s only half of it left on my pic. You just crumble some of it into the running water and it creates foam that smells like berries and vanilla! Loved it, especially that one piece can be used for 4 baths! 
The Guv’ner Deodorant Powder was 10,25 € for 80 g. Way too expensive in my opinion. You have to brush some of the powder onto your armpits for it to work as deodorant. The smell is disgusting, charcoal and some artificial scents. Anyway, I didn’t see any results despite trying it out for days, will not buy again!
American Cream Conditioner runs at 7,50 € for 100 ml. Pretty expensive again. It’s supposed to smell like honey and strawberry milk shake but I don’t get any of that, just some creamy stuff. The effect is very very little, only when I used a humongous amount did I see a softening of my hair and got a whiff of the conditioners supposedly great smell, but by then my hair was already way to greasy because of the amount. Will not buy again.
And last but not least The Popcorn Lip Scrub for 9 € for 25 g. I LOVE IT. I put it on my lips to get the peeling effect und just scrub around and then lick the sugary, slightly salty tasting, popcorn scrub away. It tastes so so good, it actually shouldn’t taste that good haha I will definitely buy it again because it lasts a long time so I can justify paying that much. AND I want to buy the bubble gum lip scrub!
That was all, bought some unnecessary products along the way, but Lush for me is a kind of treat so it’s ok. 

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