Saturday, March 23, 2013

Review: LAQA & CO Nail Polish Pen

I ordered this Laqa & Co Nail Polish Pen from for 9,74 €, a discount from the original 14,28 €. The idea of having a pen in my purse that I can apply nail polish with seemed very practical to me, and the colors were also very pretty.
I got tweedledee, which is not pictured there!
The packaging is super cute! To apply the nail polish you just have to press the button for it to pump the polish into the brush at the top! Sounds pretty simple right?
It was not so easy because the right dosage is so difficult to estimate. Usually when I press the button way too much nail polish comes out an I have difficulties painting my nails evenly… And the color although cute (I like pale corals) is only really pretty after the second layer. It drys pretty fast though, so that’s a plus!
So it is practical and cute but the quality of the nail polish itself is not that great. A fun gimmick but won’t buy again!

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