Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Eyelure Pre-Glued Lashes

I have terrible difficulties applying lashes. It’s true, they somehow never want to stay in place and it’s such a hassle. God knows Ive tried applying them, over 20 times, I just suck at it. Maybe I have the wrong glue? I don’t know. But I got fed up with fake eyelashes until I ordered these pre-glued lashes for about $8 from eyelure (I got them  on Because….you know I still wanted to get this kind of eye catching look.
I ordered the “feathery” style just to try it out. I just took them out of the package, placed them on my lashline and voila, they stayed in place! I would have never dreamed of it being so easy!!
Here a picture without lashes with very simple make up (just eyeliner and mascara)
and here a picture with the lashes applied:
On the picture they seem a bit chunky but in reality they look really soft. still you can easily tell that they are fake. (but I never really thought one could create a natural look with fake lashes). As you can see my make up is really simple, I am not a fan of heavy make up on myself because I don’t think it suits me.
The downside of the lashes is that the pre-glue (can I call it that way??) is not very strong somehow, it’s enough to put them on properly and they stick to the lashline at first but very soon they start coming off at the ends. after the glue wears off you can just use regular eyelash glue to put them on again but for me the magic of “it was sooo easy” is gone by then. You can use them with the “pre-glue” two times tops.
I’ll have to look for a lazy solution, or maybe I’ll try it oncemore with a better glue… because I already got 10 pairs of cheap lashes that I can practice with! (again.)
Still, I love the design and they give you a glamorous look. Will maybe buy again for special occasions!

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