Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: Tigi Bed Head Candy Fixations Glaze Haze

I got this as a combined package for about $15, the mini hard head was for free. Always wanted to try something from the candy fixations series!

The Glaze Haze one smells like crème brulee. You’re supposed to put a small amount of it in your towel-dried hair, mostly into the tips. It says it helps against frizzy and fly away hair and that it also speeds up the drying time!

The smell is heavenly!! I just want to use it as a hand lotion haha AND it really does work it’s magic in my hair! My hair is alot smoother after using this and the drying time is significantly reduced. 
Only downsides: - Hair gets oily a lot faster after using this, but that’s no wonder.
                          - The smell wears off fast, I mean really fast! You don’t even get to enjoy it fully. (hence my stupid idea to use it as lotion…)
Will maybe buy again because the amount I have to use for it to work is sooo small that it’s really worth the money. (alot better than the frieda products I used against frizzy hair)

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