Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dugz-Hypcosmetics Haul & Color Kill Liquid Lipstick Review

So for the weekend I have a haul that is very recent, from (hypecosmetics), where I bought about 30€ worth of makeup! Shipping was 5€ in Germany so that's ok.
I basically only wanted to order from them because of the Color Kill products but ended up buying some Milani stuff as well!

Here's what I got:

1. The Color Kill Matte Liquid Lipstick in Lotus Petal for 15,95€
2. The Maybelline Popstick in Cherry Pop (I used to have all of them and bought it because of nostalgic reasons) 5,95€
3. Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Beauty's Touch for 8,49€
4. Milani Statement Lipstick in Nude Creme for 5,49€

I'll only review the color kill liquid lipstick though because it is the main reason I made this haul and it is actually the item I actually love most, the other are nothing spectacular in my opinion (Milani's luminoso is the Milani's best product... these are not even close).
So first just take in the super cute packaging:

It's super adorable, and I really can't bring myself to through it away... the lipstick itself is in a matte vial, very simple that way. I chose the color"lotus petal" because it seemed a mix of nude and mauve tones and very toned down and simple, something I'd see myself wearing during the day. 
Here's a swatch:

As you might see on this picture, there is a little bit too much product on that lipstick brush... it can get messy that way, especially since this lipstick stains like a mofo, which is good for the lips but not good for my clothes, so I try to be very careful with it. The swatch shows the nudeish/ brownish color, which I always buy... The interesting thing: it is very shiny when first applying but it drys down to a very matte finish

I like the color and the formula of this liquid lipstick, it doesn't look flakey on my lips and stays for quite a long time that way. It is rather sticky and it does stain, so if you are having drinks you will have a very visible stain on the cup you are drinking from, or when kissing someone etc. 
Still I think it is a very good liquid lipstick, with a gorgeous color and long lasting! I don't have a good comparison to other popular liquid lipsticks yet, but I will soon when my limecrime velvetine arrives! I might even buy some of jeffree star's liquid lipsticks! 
As of now I really like this one, here's my whole look with the lipstick:

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