Saturday, December 12, 2015

Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

You'll be shocked, for some of the shots in this post I whipped out my Canon 600D camera....
Anyways  about the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, I wanted to review this popular eyeshadow palette for quite some time, everybody and their mom has it but still, I want to share my thoughts and why a whopping 48€ were well spent in my opinion.
So here it is:

As you can clearly see, the packaging is quite classy and elegant. From the many Naked palettes that Urban Decay released this one spoke the most to me because of the mix of rosy and nude shades and it being the one with the warmest undertones out of all, which I find flattering on myself. It's actually said, that people with rosy undertones in their skin have to stay away from this one, but at the same time many say that it's great for anyone green-eyed ... I don't care I just like those shades the most!
Here is my swatch:

Sorry for the blur between the last two shades, I got mixed up there haha
I used the Mac Fixing fluid to make them pop a little bit more. The range is quite beautiful and versatile, I can do toned down daytime looks as well as flashy night time looks ( at least what I would call flashy). I do have to admit that I find the lighter tones to be a bit hard to work with, especially Burnout and Limit. Also Nooner and Liar are very similar in my opinion.

I usually go for very natural looks so I did one that I would do regularly, I used Dust on half of the lid, then Limit on the other half, Buzz in my crease and Nooner around my upper and lower lash line:

Here is a simple selfie shot of the whole look (I kinda don't like it when I don't see the eye makeup in the context of your whole face in reviews like that, it doesn't make sense to me and I can't imagine what it would look zoomed out..):

The palette is absolutely gold, especially for someone like me who is NOT an eyeshadow fanatic and tends to create simpler looks. So it was actually worth it to invest because I will be using it for quite some time and be able to do different styles at the same time. Would totally recommend!


  1. Die Naked 3 finde ich am schönsten von allen Naked Paletten :)
    Total süße Farben und die mag ich im Frühling und Sommer am meisten.
    Muss ich mir auch irgendwann mal holen.

    LootieLoos Plastic world

    1. ja würde ich auf jeden fall empfehlen, ich werde die wohl zu jeder jahreszeit tragen haha

  2. Ich verwende die Naked 3 iwie am wenigsten, obwohl sie echt schöne Farben hat. Ich greife meistens dann aber doch zu 1 oder 2

    1. hast du die smokey auch schon? ist schon geschmackssache, vlt sind zu viele rosige farben nichts für dich?

  3. Von allen Naked Paletten könnte ich mit der 3. am wenigsten anfangen, weil sie so rosé stichig ist und es meinem Teint mMn null schmeichelt XD; Ich präferiere schon eher 1 und 2 wobei ich da wiederum nicht sagen kann, was ich lieber hab :)


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