Monday, November 30, 2015

Milani Baked Blush - Luminoso

So here is a small post about a holy grail product that I own, the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso!
I originally watched some tutorials from Nikkie-Tutorials on Youtube and she kept raving about the blush in several of her monthly favourite videos. The product can be found through amazon for about 6-10€ so I thought I'd give it a try, since there was such a huge hype.
So here it is:

The packaging is pretty simple, I'd like to note that there is a second compartment inside with an application brush (which is actually non too shaby) and a mirror! So it is very practical on the go.

No words can describe the glow and shimmer of Luminoso! The description itself states it is a "blush that features a mélange infusion of colors baked on Italian terracotta tiles".
That sounds pretty fancy. But the big question is: can you actually get that color on your face or is it maybe not that pigmented?
Ok well it's super highly pigmented and just silky in texture and application! I have never had a blush like this and I have so many from drugstore to high end brand, this one takes the cake. It's too beautiful and has a nice soft shimmer without being too overly glittery. The staying power is quite good, although I find myself re-applying quite regularly- simply cause I love this blush.
Here is a pic of me wearing it, toned down with Mac's Soft & Gentle highlighter a bit:
I will forever buy this blush and I use it more often than any other ones I own!!


  1. von den Blushes hab ich schon viel gutes gehört, allerdings wäre die Farbe jetzt nichts für mich :D

    1. aber die steht echt jeeeedem! ich hab mir noch einen bestellt mit so blumen prägung, mal sehen wie der so ist *_*

  2. Wusste ja garnicht, dass du auch bloggst, wobei ich mich gerade daran erinnere, dass du mir das zu den Anfängen auf Insta erzählt hattest, haha :D Ups :D
    Der Blush sieht echt total schön aus und voll gut pigmentiert :O

    LootieLoo's plastic world

    1. Ja ich habe ewige Pausen eingelegt und hab plötzlich wieder lust drauf bekommen hehe ja, das ist eines der wenigen produkte, dass ich immer jedem emfpfehlen würde *_*

  3. Shade so pretty and I feel like it would be perfect for everyone that are a bit pale. Also love that it has all that shimmer and glow, that makes me feel a bit more alive and not so flat

    1. It even looks great on friend that isn't pale at all, somehow this shade just works! and yes I neeeeed shimmer and glow in every blush haha
      thanks for commenting!


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