Sunday, December 6, 2015

House of Lashes Review

Most of the reviews that I do on here are positive ones or at least things that I find to be ok, but sometimes I buy things that just don't do any good. Here is one case.
I watch a lot of NikkieTutorials videos on youtube and she is the reason for many of my recent purchases, among those the incredible Milani blush luminoso, so I thought maybe there is something else that she loves that I'd love, too. She was very pleased with the House of Lashes products, especially the glue, that supposedly gets sticky after sheer seconds! I wear false lashes for special occasions or if I want to look cute in selfies and I use the one and only Duo lash-glue, it has been bomb but I usually have to wait for like 30 seconds for it to get sticky. So I wanted to try something that - at least according to Nikkie - is even better. So I ordered from House of lashes:

I got the House of Lashes Noir Fairy Lashes in Black, which cost 12$, and the White Lash Adhesive for 8$!
The packaging is cute and girly and they sent it out pretty quickly.
The glue is latex-free and waterproof, which sounds really great. The lashes are made out of cruelty-free synthetic hair.
Unfortunately I could tell from the first second when unpacking the lashes that they were of subpar quality and from a very hard kind of plastic. The outer strip of the lashes is very thick, like the ones from the cheap eBay lashes and they are very difficult to bend in any shape.
The lash glue is very thin and watery, not at all like the thick duo glue, and it didn't get sticky after just some seconds, I wouldn't have noticed any way because the formula is so watery... Anyways I tried to use the glue on the lashes but they wouldn't stay put on my eyes and actually hurt because of the the material, the lash adhesive didn't work on any of my other lashes that well. I usually wear either eyelure lashes or my favourite: dolly wink lashes! They are super soft.
This was a very disappointing purchase unfortunately and I will not buy from that shop any time soon!


  1. Ich kenne die Wimpern bisher nur von Goldie und sie schwärmt ja auch total davon. die sollte ich mir auch mal näher anschauen, wobei ich ja lieber Half Lashes trage.

    1. Half Lashes sind auch super bequem! aber die hier lieber net xD dann gleich dolly wink wimpern, die sind mega!


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