Thursday, December 10, 2015

Douglas Haul & Review of Mac Lip Liner Boldly Bare + Mac Blush Peachykeen

This douglas haul (german makeup store) is a little bit older (it's really not like I am doing a haul every week, honest to god) so I have used the products for quite a while now! The phone case pictured is actually from claire's and I am so in love with it, I have a huge weakness for cute phone cases... and since I own an Iphone 6 literally all the cute cases fit...
But this post is actually about 2 of the makeup products I got from this haul:

As you can see I got a chubby stick and 2 NYX products also, but I won't review them now!
The Mac lipliner in the color boldly bare is something I've been wanting for quite some time, since I've seen it on Gigi Gorgeous (huge fan of her), and I finally invested 16,50€ for it. Which is quite a lot in my opinion for such a product but lets first see if it owns up to that price.
The blush is something I've gotten on the whim because I just love peach-coloured blushes and "peachykeen" also had a nice shimmer to it so I bought it for 24,50€!

First the blush:

I amped up the details on this pic to make the shimmer come out a bit clearer on it, it's a cooler toned peach color, very natural looking with added shimmer particles! I was very excited to swatch it but then this:

YES, that is actually a swatch, even swatched twice, I don't know why this particular Mac blush had to be so bad with pigmentation for me, maybe I got an old one but it's very hard to swatch it. Well it is very natural because of that but when applying I really have to use a lot of blush for it to appear on my skin... I still like the color but it's the second blush from Mac I bought that I didn't like so I'll stay away from them from now on (other Mac products work great!).

The lipliner is another story though:

The Mac lipliner are pretty popular so I did have some expectations, especially since I only owned like 2 lipliner before this one and rarely used them. This one has vitamin e and helps keep your lips hydrated!

From the swatch you can tell that it's a very subtle colour, a kind of nude-brownish shade. Though this swatch doesn't do its justice, it actually makes the lips look wonderful and even fuller!
I love this product and have been obsessing over it, I usually use the lipliner almost by itself, I apply it on my lip line and then smudge it a bit with a clear chapstick, as to not make it look to harsh and just spread the nude color of it evenly. It's a bit darker than the shade of my lips, which is really good for conturing. It has a very good hydrating formula and stays on pretty good. 
I simply love it and tried to take a selfie with both products, but the lighting is not that good (have to take my canon out pretty soon I guess):

That's quite an amusing selfie actually.... and it shows my signature face. I had to apply a lot of the blush to make it visible like that though.

The lipliner is holy grail material and will stay in my makeup collection forever! The blush not so much though unfortunately...

Btw I added the statcounter this week out of curiosity (and blocked my own visits on it) so it might seem it has few visits but it counts individually and is pretty new also- so don't judge haha


  1. Ich besitze keinen einzigen Lipliner :D Ich kann damit iwie nichts anfangen xD Das letzte Bild ist so süß :3

    1. haha danke, den gesichtsausdruck kennst du zu gut von gruppenfotos glaub ich xD
      und ja normal benutz ich das auch nicht aber der hier ist wirklich wirklich eine wucht und macht auch einen riesen unterschied im ganzen look! <3

  2. Ich besitze zwei Lipliner von Mac und ich denke, das wird auch dabei bleiben, denn diese Produktart ist so im Nachhinein doch verdammt teuer XD;;;

    Der Blush sieht so hübsch aus, blöd dass der kaum pigmentiert ist das denn =_=;

    *hahaha* Ich mag den Gesichtsausdruck, mach ich auch öfter. Monsieur nennt das bei mir immer die genervte Entenschnute XD;

    1. Ja ok günstig sind die nicht, aber ich brauch zum Beispiel auch nur diesen einen liner haha
      es geht übrigens besser mit dem blush wenn man nen guten primer benutzt habe ich bemerkt!
      und bei mir ist das ein gesichtsausdruck von unglaublicher zufriedenheit haha <3

  3. You should have taken the blush back to the store with your receipt and told the SA to swatch it herself. Maybe try to take the first layer off and see if the pigmentation is any better!
    Btw, you have such a lovely and girly blog :) xx


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