Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder & Moon Stick Lipstick

Every girl seemed to be getting the Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Make-up items and I fell victim to this, too. As I bought both trough I didn't have any problems with getting them or shipping or any other fees, because the shop ships from Germany (I think). I'll review the powder in a bit more detail:

So the powder cost 49,90€ and I think is a bit expensive, but the proplica of the crystal star is about 80€ and does absolutely nothing so I guess I get a powder with this at least so it's more worth it for me. I am not a person who simply collects and displays stuff, everything I buy -no matter how pretty or precious-will be used on a daily basis by me. 
When I bought this powder I wasn't sure how it looked inside, even though I heard from others, that it's simply a white coloured highlighter powder!
So here it is when opened:

The pretty pink ribbons are actually just a plastic cover of the powder to protect it, when you peel it off it leaves a white faintly glittering powder! The powder puff is super cute and soft and I like the mirror inside.

You can hardly see the glittery particles on the picture, and there aren't that many in my opinion. So this is a swatch of the powder and while it works ok to soften my blush (which I always do when applying my makeup) it doesn't really give me a nice glow or anything, it could even be considered quite dull on the skin (even though there is some glitter inside). I really like the compact since I am a huge Sailor Moon fan like everybody (although I am not too fond of the new crystal series, hate the opening...) I think as a makeup item it fails. No one would buy it for that of course so I am not exactly disappointed.

Now for the Moon Stick Lipstick:

As you can see it is super precious and adorable, I love love love the packaging and it is the sole reason I bought it. Inside you find a colourless lipbalm which actually hydrates quite well. There was no point in taking a pic of it because it's just like every other colourless lipbalm! I do use it quite frequently and think for the 20€ I paid it s quite ok, of course as before you pay for the packaging!

All in all I have to say the Miracle Romance Powder is pretty but useless and I will rather use a good highlighter and keep the powder as a compact mirror... The lipbalm is ok, but it is more pretty than it is useful (especially for that price!). I'd only recommend buying if you are a Sailor Moon fan (which nowadays everyone is haha).

Bonus pic of my cat Milky with the Miracle Romance powder:


  1. Hahahah ~ Du sagst es "pretty but useless"! Ich finde die Verpackungen und die ganze Aufmachungen auch ganz hübsch, aber mir tut es, dadurch dass ich noch keinen festen Gehalt verdiene, in der Seele weh, wenn ich recht unnötige Kosmetik kaufe, die ich entweder mehr oder weniger doppelt habe oder sie schlicht und ergreifend keinen Effekt erzielen XDDD ~ Aber hübsch sind sie wirklich anzuschauen <3

    LG, Jen

    1. Ja genau, wenn ich nicht so ein riesen fan wäre würde ich das geld nicht dafür ausgeben haha, es ist mega süß und schön aber halt kein tolles makeup an sich! aber besser als die proplica, die einfach das gleiche ohne puder ist xD

  2. Ich liebe liebe liebe das Design der Sailor Moon Produkte! Das Puder habe ich allerdings bisher nur einmal geswatched, aber noch nicht verwendet hahah xD

    1. Ja das Design ist einfach so schön mädchenhaft und originalgetreu!! ja wirst du bestimmt auch nicht viel verwenden xD


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