Saturday, November 28, 2015

Too faced haul (again)

I won't even mention how long I haven't updated this thing here....
Anyways! As it is probably clear I am a huge Too Faced-Makeup fanatic and try to buy all of their great products. Even though I can get most of it through beautybay I still have to order through Sephora most of the time, because they have the newest products that I am looking for. For the next products I had to spend over 100€ (well I ordered a third product not pictured but still..) because of taxes and I am not happy about that, the actual product prices will be listed later!

This is what I got:
The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Nude (38€) and the Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Love Hangover (25€)!
I was super hyped for both products. Especially for the blush because it is supposed to stay on for 16 hours!

So here is the foundation (unedited pictures):

It says Oil-Free and you get 30 ml for that price in a pump dispenser kind of package. The packaging looks and feels high quality but I am not a fan of the pump dispenser thing, you can see how messy it gets right here:

It's so hard to get the product out without it getting messy, but I suppose it's still better than the missha oriental bb cream dispenser... The nude color is more or less neutral, with some yellow undertones (EVEN THOUGH the label stated it had neutral to pink undertones) which I believe I actually don't have, but the foundation is like magic on skin and adapts very well. I really feel the message "Born This Way" because the foundation is so lightweight that you could almost fool yourself you didn't wear any. It has a great feel on the skin and just glides on, especially with the beauty blender! It stays on all day and doesn't get patchy or dry. Also: The coverage is build-able, so you can wear more coats of it for better coverage even though I think one is already pretty good for coverage. This will probably be my holy grail of all foundations and I usually use it for special occasions, only because it's so expensive (otherwise I'd wear it daily).

Now for the second item:

The Love Flush Blush in Love Hangover has such a cute packaging, as always with Too Faced. The bunnies are adorable such as the whole heart shape of the blush, also the mirror is really practical (will use it as a mirror compact once I use it all up). It is a very warm pink, it's a bit mauvy in my opinion as it has some dark undertones without being cool like mauve. I find the application of this blush ok, nowhere near as easy and perfect as Milani's luminoso, but the color suits me quite well and I usually tone it down with a highlighter (Mac's soft & gentle). That way it looks even better. But I have to say it doesn't stay on for 16 hours, at least not on my face. I have to re-apply quite often unfortunately!

Here a pic of me wearing both of the products:

I am very content with both products, especially the foundation which exceeded my expectations (initially I was having higher expectations for the blush...). Even if the blush is not my favourite I still like it! I am never disappointed when buying Too Faced products so it will stay my favourite brand!


  1. Der Blush ist soo schön! Ich muss mir die auch endlich mal bestellen *___*

    1. Auf Beautybay waren die letztens erst reduziert wegen black friday :D aber milani luminoso ist ein vieeeeel tollerer blush! *_*


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